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Armonicoltura® is a dream that takes shape,
Farmers in science, Harmony of the elements.
Armonicoltura® is the absolute praise to Mother Earth!

The project Armonicoltura® is so named for the use of widespread music at 2000 watts of power on cultivated land, with sound frequencies of 432 Hz.

The goal is to improve biochemistry of water as a memory and natural sounding board that modulates the chemical reactions within the molecules of plants and of every living organism.

The project was then encouraged by studies of plant neurobiology conducted by Professor Stefano Mancuso, on the incredible adaptive capacity of plants with respect to environmental stimuli, recognizing their status as a dynamic and sensitive living organism.

We like to think that it is possible to connect “harmoniously” nature, science, economy and art, in a synergistic, productive and sustainable union.
Starting from respect for nature, pursuing a complex balance that does not stop at the borders of one’s field, we want to live and share a new awareness that places the relationship between peolpe and nature at the center.

The project wants to leave a sign of recognition that we will call ‘Ecological Footprint‘ a ‘badge‘ for those companies that, through the good practices of Armonicoltura®, concretely assume an ethical and moral responsibility towards the ecosystem: on one hand they undertake to preserve fertility of the soil,wholesomeness and goodness of its products, purity of air and water, and the well-being of animals bred; on the other hand, they are committed to improving farmers’ working conditions, quality of life, relationships of trust, acceptance and respect for diversity.

“As organic and natural as a cultivated product can be, if a slave is to pick it up, I can be sure that I am also nourishing the suffering energy of slavery”

(cit. S. Regina)

Music in the fields

Water has the ability to modify its structure according to the frequencies it receives from outside. Music with frequencies of 432 Hz favors a harmonious growth of the plants, making them more florid and more persistent, significantly improving the organoleptic qualities and the taste of the crops and derived products (oil, wine, preserves, juices ...)

“Mixed Farming”

Free animals among the crops: the low court animals (geese, guinea fowl ...), with their daily work of searching for food, ``control`` the growth of wild herbs and the proliferation of insects, simultaneously bringing ``precious`` nutrients organic to the soil.

Reduction of water consumption

Plants not subjected to productive stress enjoy the benefits of a new balance with the soil and the atmosphere, reducing the excessive need for water induced by fertilizers, naturally growing healthier and stronger.

CO2 reduction

Thanks to the greater resistance and health of the plants, every type of treatment, although biological, is enormously reduced, thanks to the movement of agricultural vehicles that emit carbon dioxide in the air.

Ecological Footprint of the Armonicoltura® project

A sustainable global community founded on respect for Nature, a moral responsibility to protect the vitality, diversity and beauty of the ecosystem, we are called to fulfill a sacred commitment, preserving the health and richness of the biosphere, soil fertility , the purity of air and water.

Those who adhere to Armonicoltura®, through “ecological footprint”, each year will take aim at restorative aspects: reduction of the use of plastic replacing it with bio-degradable, compostable and natural materials; beach cleaning; reforestation works.

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