Posta Faugno, an organic farm from many years, is following a path that will lead it to the transition from Biological Agriculture to Biomusical Agriculture.

Our partners

Sangue di Puglia

Our biomusical grapes

Sangue di Puglia SpA was founded in 2013 and established itself in the territory of Capitanata, with the wine business through a very high profile international marketing. With a capacity of 250,000 hectoliters in steel storage silos and underground reinforced concrete tanks, Sangue di Puglia SpA is one of the most important wineries in Southern Italy for the transformation and wholesale sale of quality wine made from common grapes, Organic, Dop and Igp as well as concentrated and certified musts for the production of very high level vinegars  

Molino De Vita

Our Biomusical Cereals

Il Molino De Vita  has its origin in an area with an agricultural vocation notoriously called “the granary of” Italy “, on the hills of Daunia overlooking the flat area of  province of Foggia.

Molino De Vita is today the most concrete example of how agriculture and industry can represent a perfect combination to promote development of territory. Molino De Vita has managed to establish itself as one of the most interesting companies on Italian agro-industrial scene, thanks also to continuous technological improvements.

La Fara Giardino

I nostri ortaggi Biomusicali

From 1985… La Fara Giardino s.c.a r.l.founded in Lesina (FG), it is made up of quality farms with experience gained. He immediately devoted his attention to the supply of products and services to agricultural companies and processors of raw materials boasting a consolidated know-how. Partner of leading agro-industrial groups on the international scene, it distributes the products of around 400 associated farms, ensuring timely agronomic assistance at every point of the production chain. The control of the production and care of plants through targeted and calibrated interventions make the products of the cooperative LA FARA GIARDINO of healthy and nutritious foods.

Our products

Organic black chickpea
Organic white chickpea
Organic brown lentil
Yellow datterino tomato puree
Organic tomato puree 720ml
Tomato Pulp
Sausage Datterino Organic Tomato
Pomegranate Nectar
Organic tomato puree 446ml
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