Pomegranate Nectar

Bottle 200ML

Pure pomegranate pure nectar. Posta Faugno‘s pomegranate juice is 100% concentrated without any additives.

In addition to being cultivated in a completely biological way and strictly according to the rules of ARMONICOLTURA®, the lands dedicated to the cultivation of pomegranates are kept in

“MIXED FARMING”, that is low court animals that live inside the pomegranate, controlling the growth of herbs. spontaneous and the proliferation of insects, at the same time they bring

organic nutrients to the soil.

Pomegranate nectar is a concentrate of antioxidant substances, useful for combating cellular aging. It also counteracts the onset of arteriosclerosis and the damage caused by cholesterol and diabetes.

It is advisable to dilute it in water or with Prosecco or Champagne.

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