Posta Faugno: Armonicoltura project


Posta Faugno: Armonicoltura project

From 2018 in San Paolo di Civitate the plants grow with the Music

Agriculture is a varied world made of plants, trees, people who cultivate the land. The difference lies in love and passion that farmers put us to obtain products that will go on our tables. Perhaps we should think more often about the fact that a plant cultivated in a certain way, respecting Nature and its cycles, can only be healthy for us.

On the contrary, plants grown without attention and with the help of chemical treatments to make them grow faster without any respect for times of Nature, will produce poison for our body.

And then there is Music: have you ever experienced the effect of relaxing music on your own or, on the contrary, of energetic music that stimulates movement? It’s all a matter of frequencies that interfere with the body and the mind. And this obviously also happens to plants, which are living and reactive organisms to all effects.

Curiosity towards this topic has led us to contact Luca Niro, owner of the organic farm “Posta Faugno” together with his brothers, located in the fertile territory and ancient tradition of San Paolo di Civitate (Fg). From 2018, at his company, a new agricultural model is being tested (with excellent feedback): Armonicoltura┬« or Bio-Musical Agriculture.


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